Roundswell Church

Lettuce's Testimony

A few years ago, when my Mum was ill with cancer, Nigel and I went to Norway for a couple of days. We saw my Mum just before we left, and she was living at home and seemed fine. However, while we were away, I got a message from my sister to say my Mum had taken a sudden turn for the worse and not to rush home because she would be dead before we got there.

That night we went out to look for the Northern Lights and I was quite distressed at the thought of not seeing my Mum again and could not stop crying. After quite a while we gave up looking for the lights and turned to go.

Suddenly the sky lit up, I have never seen anything like it, it was like an other-worldly rainbow, so bright, so fast moving, multicoloured light arcing right across the sky. Absolutely jaw-dropping. I was still crying but now I was laughing too and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that God was saying, "Don't cry child, I'm taking your Mum to be with me in heaven, and it's as beautiful as THIS!!!!"

And we did get home in time to see her, to tell her about our Northern Lights experience and to say goodbye.

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