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Jan’s Testimony April 2020

This is my testimony of how I met Jesus and how He locked the door to my past and literally threw away the key.

I was a fortune teller and I read tarot and I thought I was speaking to departed spirits, I had always thought this was a gift given to help, comfort and bring peace to troubled souls. However, when I met Jesus, I was shown the truth (that it is nothing of the sort) and I thought it was now all behind me.

That is, until walking around a children’s hospice:

I became aware of a “child spirit” following me.

I felt I could plainly see a little boy.

I closed my mind and tried to ignore it.

Suddenly I felt sharp jabs to my neck and the words

“Look at me…you will not ignore me”.

This was not a small child, no child this small could reach the back of my neck - I needed help big time to finish this once and for all.

Through good friends I was put in touch with a wonderful person, well experienced in prayer and deliverance to help me.

I was told it could take quite a lot of sessions of prayer to end what I had seen and what I once thought was a good and helpful gift.

However, amazingly after our third session it was done.

With the help of my friends and this wonderful person I discovered that by participating in this behaviour, I had inadvertently opened a door - a door never meant to be opened - to the demonic.

Throughout the sessions the prayer and discussion regarding my past gradually brought this door and all it represented to the fore and I realised it was ajar.

Though since becoming a Christian I had gained an awareness of the danger, it remained ajar in my life – a way for the enemy to get at me.

However, after the third session with much prayer and counselling I could now not only see the door, but that there was also a lock and a key in this door.

The next step was for me to stretch out my hand, close the door and turn the key and lock the door, handing the key to Jesus.

All of which felt like role play but made sense to do as I was told.

More prayer followed, then I was prayed for, for Jesus to seal this door for me.

Immediately I saw blood begin to flow from the top of the door until it was completely covered.

I recoiled at what I saw.

Why was so much blood everywhere?

Why show me this awful sight?

Then it came to me, Jesus Christ had sealed that door to my past sins with His precious blood.

There was no stronger seal against Satan or his demons, not even I could ever break that seal.

The Holy Spirit came into me and filled me to overflowing with so much love, joy and relief, I can't even begin to put into words such feelings of complete contentment.

It was indeed done; the blood of Jesus Christ has been shed to cover my sins and save me as it had done that day on the cross.

Praise the Lord, how great and awesome is our God.

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