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Coronavirus Update

Please feel free to contact our Pastor - Dave 07931 731 413 if you want or need help or want to know more.  Email: [email protected]

We are updating this website .

Your patience and prayer is appreciated.

Church Life

Living out our faith in Jesus involves so much Sunday.

Here are some of the things going on midweek in the life of our church, starting with our House Groups.

As a church, we believe that House Groups are an integral part of our church mission and our life together. They are a helpful way of growing together in faith, sharing our lives and worshipping Jesus whom we desire to share as we reach out to others in Roundswell and our community.

We run a number of House Groups that meet weekly in members homes. encourage and pray together. They are all about living a full and dynamic Christian life in the power of the Holy Spirit seeking to share Jesus in all of life's situations.

(Know Your Bible) KYB

Women's Bible Study

Meets every other week for pray, encourage and support women in the walk and from the Bible in an informal easy way.

Contact Pearl Thomas 

for more information

Tel 01271 372212

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