Roundswell Church

Anita's Testimony

I went to St Martin in the Fields High School, associated with the Church in Trafalgar

Square so there was a Christian influence on my life.

I lost my beautiful mother to cancer at 46 years of age. This had a big effect on my life as I had all her symptoms and when my children were born, I became a nervous wreck.

I was confirmed by the Bishop of Crediton in the Parish Church sometime in my thirties and I remember having a mountain top experience and feeling if I was to die the next day my life would not have been in vain.

My next mountain top experience was when I was at Holy Trinity and Adrian Chatfield read the story of Balaam's ass.

I was physically removed to the front of the Church where I gave my life to the Lord.

I have 6 children and I was a very overprotective mother.

One day I was given the picture of a bird imprisoned in a cage.

God told me to open the door and let the bird fly.

From that day I handed my children over to the Lord and he has taken great care of them.

Thank You, Lord, ❤️

Other strange experiences have happened more recently 2 years ago I was in York Minster, when someone touched me on the back.

I knew it was the Lord.

He has frequently touched me, even helping me on with my coat a few weeks back.

Also bringing me safely through a recent operation on my arm.

Lord, I love You

Worship and adore You.

Thank You for being in my life

I could not have managed without You.

Love You now and always,


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